Get your business started for FREE!

Pay no start-up fee or premium subscription fee for 90 days with our new business promotion. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and save almost $250.

Business enrollment fee

Varidi is currently waiving the usual $99 enrollment fee to get your business started.

Business monthly subscription fee

Try Varidi for 90 days free. We’re sure you’ll be convinced it’s worth the low subscription fee of $49.95 per month for premium service or $19.95 per month for standard service. Premium service is required to take advantage of the Varidi Payment Guarantee.

Business merchant fee

Once your business begins collecting payments, you will receive 100% of the payment amount, less a small (3%) Merchant Fee on each transaction. Essentially the same fee you currently pay to process a credit card transaction. The balance is deposited directly in your bank account.

Customer set-up fee

With EZPay™ plans, your clients pay a small set up fee before the plan starts. This fee varies and will typically range between two percent (2%) and eighteen percent (18%) of the contract amount depending your customers profile, the number of monthly payments and your selection of the Payment Guarantee feature. Your customers can always pay-off the payment plan early with no penalty.

Customer change fee

Varidi gives you the ability to revise an EZPay™ Plan at no additional cost. You have the flexibility to make life affordable for your customers when unexpected moments happen.

Customer late payment fee

Varidi collects a $35 fee from the customer when they are more than three days late on a payment.

Collection referral fee

Varidi fees are significantly lower than traditional collections agencies. If payments aren’t collected, you pay nothing. When we do collect for you, we retain 35% of the amount collected and the balance is deposited directly to your bank account.

All fees are non-refundable and subject to change. Fee changes will only affect new contracts.