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Dental Practice Pro Practices

Customized, hands-on support for increasing treatment plan acceptance
and reducing past-due. Free of charge.

Why CareCap?

CareCap is an online software solution that dentists are using to grow their practices by making care more accessible to patients. With CareCap, you are able to customize payment options for patients who need a more manageable way to pay for the services they need and want.


  • Grow your business
  • Delight your patients
  • Save administrative time
  • Cut out third-party financing

CareCap is the easiest, most straightforward payment plan we have ever seen for dental practices. It’s very easy to use, CareCap customer support is great, and the financial benefits are crystal clear.

Dr. David Richardson

DDS, Kirkland Dentistry

As a DPP practice, we’ll waive your
$199 QuickStart Package Fee

Our QuickStart package is designed to help you put a game plan together to increase your treatment acceptance rate and collect on past due receivables,  

With no startup or subscription fees, CareCap is your risk-free way to increase revenue, reduce administrative overhead, and retain more patients.