The Leading Edge of Preventative Veterinary Medicine: Implement Wellness Plans Today The business of Veterinary Medicine is changing. Over the last 10 years, the industry has become increasingly fragmented and pet owners have responded accordingly. While pet owners are spending more on their pets each year, an increase in online resources and competition from online pharmacies, mobile/ low cost clinics and corporate veterinary practices have left traditional Vets feeling the pinch of reduced client visits and spending.

Every cloud, however, has a silver lining and in this case, the opportunity lies in innovation. Eleanor Green, DVM, DACVIM, DABVP, dean of the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine, says the keys to thriving in the new marketplace “are service, marketing and value in order to convert potential demand into actual clients.” CareCap has taken this message to heart and developed a set of easy to implement Veterinary Wellness Plan templates, to assist veterinarians interested in practicing preventative medicine and increasing revenue.

Tiered Plans Provide a Wide Array of Choices

Wellness Plans offer a simple solution to encourage clients to visit their veterinarian more often. For a small monthly fee, clients enrolled in Wellness Plans receive a host of benefits including check-ups and vaccines, encouraging pet owners to take care of the small problems early so no serious (and far more expensive) illnesses result from lack of care. Practices currently offering Wellness Plans report that clients enrolled in the plans visit three times as often and spend up to seven times as much as clients not enrolled in a plan. Plus, their pets can avoid health issues like obesity and gum disease because of early detection and prevention.

In order to make adding Wellness Plans as simple as possible for your practice, we‘ve developed templates to get you started. Our Wellness Program includes three tiers of plan: Basic, Plus and Platinum. Each plan runs for 12 months and is designed for dogs and cats over 6 months old. They include a recommended scope of coverage and suggested monthly cost to your clients. For example, the Basic Plan typically includes annual vaccine boosters, two scheduled comprehensive physical exams, heartworm tests (dogs), feline leukemia tests (cats), two intestinal parasite fecal exams, annual deworming for hookworms and roundworms plus free office calls/ exams during regular hours. The basic plan is priced by each Vet to reflect the market they practice in. In a more rural area for example, Basic plans start at $20 per month and offer a 10% discount on additional services offered at the practice. The Plus Plan also includes blood work and organ exams while the Platinum Plan includes all the features of the Basic and Plus with the addition of annual teeth cleaning and urine sediment exam.

These plans have been carefully designed based on the most successful Wellness Plans available today. The best part is that veterinarians have complete control to define the coverage and/or price of their Basic, Plus and Platinum plans to best serve their clients. Additionally, our platform gives veterinarians the option to design a plan completely from scratch for puppies, kittens, birds or any client with special needs.

A True Win-Win

According to the 2011 “Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study” about 45% of pet owners are looking for a way to spread veterinary payments out over time. Wellness Plans represent a true win-win for your practice and for clients seeking the best care for their pets. Not only will collecting monthly fees from your enrolled clients go a long way to stabilize and increase revenue, but clients investing in the health of their pet are more likely to manage pet care in a holistic manner.

CareCap makes it Easy

At CareCap, our goal is to help veterinarians focus on providing the best care possible. We offer pre-designed, customizable Wellness Plans to do just that. Not only do we work with you to build perfect plans for your practice, but we also take care of all the billing and collecting associated with offering these plans. We believe we have the most economical, hassle free and customizable solution for veterinarians looking for innovative ways to increase revenue and offer better care, but we are here to serve you. What else could we offer to help increase revenue at your veterinary practice?