Cultural Currency has the Power to Change Everything.

Several years ago I visited the Design Museum in London. At the time there was an amazing exhibit being staged called the Currency of Culture.

Unlike the traditional definitions of the word currency, this referred to the fact that every culture, or group, has its own unique form of currency — reflecting the words, customs, products, and services that uniquely represent the cultural values and needs of that group.

Think of the cultural currency of the Seahawks right now. I doubt it has ever been higher. The 12th Man is ever present; sales of tickets and branded logo merchandise are soaring. Their current winning streak is creating a form of cultural currency.  And that cultural currency has an enormous monetary impact.

That could well be true for veterinary medicine when it comes to innovative Preventative Care Plans. What if a program was designed to be so appealing to pet owners that they enrolled, at record numbers, and created new avenues for profitable business for you? The central questions to be answered include… Is this the right time for that cultural swell (demand for Preventative Care Plans) to take root? What would Preventative Care Plans look like to incite mass demand and sign-up? What could they mean to your bottom line? What would they do for the health of pets in your care? If there is demand, how would you manage these programs efficiently and without a big administrative hassle?  These are very interesting questions.

Is your idea of a Preventative Care Plan in sync with the pet owners you serve? Wouldn’t you want to know—especially if knowing changed the financial dynamics of your practice?

CareCap, along with the WSVMA and a small group of member Vets and Industry Experts is sponsoring a research study on Preventative Care Programs. The study will kick-off in late February, 2014 and run for three months. Once complete the answers to the study will be shared with all members of the WSVMA.

We invite you to know whether, or not, now is the moment for Preventative Care Plans to create a cultural and monetary currency that improves your bottom line and the health of the pets in your care.

If you would like to take part in framing the questions for this research survey, we welcome hearing from you.

Just click this link and give us your information and we’ll be in touch about the survey.

About CareCap

CareCap offers a payment management system for doctor provided financing. This makes it possible for pet owners to schedule either routine, or emergency care, to be paid for in convenient monthly installments. CareCap’s payment management system is available to the VET at no cost to their practice, other than a one-time sign-up fee.  There is no software to purchase or install. Pet owners pay the lowest administrative fee on the market for use of the system. Visit to learn more, or call 888 992 8889.