Let’s be honest: I don’t drive well. I dislike driving and cars, and directions. However, I drive every day so taking care of my car is non-negotiable. When you are on the road for an extended period of time, you need the peace of mind knowing your tires are full, engine is humming and oil is good to go.

Cars are expensive to maintain. Especially when you know very little about them. How can you be sure you aren’t being taken for a ride? (Pun intended). As an automotive dealer, how do you mitigate the anxiety that often surrounds a consumer in need of repair work? Do people refuse repair orders because they are intimidated by cost? Eliminate the all-too-familiar, “I need to think about it”.

Here are 4 reasons CareCap makes life easier for the automotive dealer AND the driver.

1. No more credit cards that decline service

If a customer was declined by an OEM credit card CareCap allows you to put that same customer on an in-house payment plan. This enables a win-win scenario for both you and your customer.

2. Price tag is no longer a barrier

Tires cost WHAT?! But in all seriousness, price matters. Especially if it is an unforeseen expense, which is so often the case with automotive repairs. A payment plan can be customized to fit your customer’s budget, giving them the ability to go through with the repairs they need.

3. Repairs can happen real-time with payment plans

Simply put, payment plans make your services more accessible. Having engine trouble no longer means a 1,000 dollar bill owed in one lump sum at time of service. People can rest easy with real-time repairs paid for over time based on the terms you’ve decided upon.

4. Customer relationships improve

For a consumer, being able to trust your mechanic, auto dealer and local body shop is infinitely important. Knowing that they will work with you to afford the care your car needs builds trust. As a dealer, using CareCap to handle all your collections allows you to maintain that positive relationship with your customers.

So there you have it. For consumers- even if you hate driving, like me- CareCap makes car care more affordable and less stressful overall. For business owners, CareCap gives you options, allowing you to surpass your customer’s expectations and gain a competitive edge that often means the difference between winning or losing business. Interested in signing up? Check it out here.