If you’re like most medical spa owners, you’ve fallen victim to the popular notion that there exists a single, “silver bullet” that has the power to immediately make your business more successful. Perhaps you’ve tried being more creative with social media marketing, bringing in a popular high-end product line, or implementing a trendy new treatment.

While all of these tactics have the potential to significantly increase revenue, you’re left asking that eternal question, “How do I get my clients to opt into more expensive series of treatments?”

Your clients are seeking immediate, lasting results for their skin. While a single treatment might earn them that first “wow factor”, these results will likely fade away if they shy away from continuing your prescribed treatment series.

That’s why more medical spas are offering higher-end treatments through innovative equipment technology that require a series of multiple treatments to achieve optimal, lasting results.  You’ve likely implemented the technology necessary to help your clients achieve their skin care goals, requiring anywhere between 3 to a dozen treatments. But because of budget concerns, your clients often end up opting for the “one and done” approach.

So the question becomes:

How do you get them to commit to the package of six treatments rather than one, especially in today’s environment where a budget is so often a barrier to purchasing?

The solution to this common dilemma­ is surprisingly simple: Offer a flexible monthly payment plan that allows clients to pay for higher-end treatments.

In the short time Derma Medical Spa of Olympia, WA has offered payment plans from CareCap for many of the services their medspa offers, owner Dr. Bessie McCann has grown her business by 460%. That’s because CareCap has removed the financial barrier holding her clients back, immediately allowing Derma Medspa’s services to become accessible to more clients.

As Dr. McCann puts it, “all of a sudden [my clients’] horizon is broadened and they feel like they can do any of the services I am offering; they can combine services, it’s sort of like the sky is the limit.”

Dr. McCann appreciates that CareCap does not require the involvement of a bank or a financial institute; instead, she remains in control of who to offer a payment plan to. “I can explain that this is not a credit card. There is no credit check involved, this is just their money and CareCap organizes payments that fit into their budget.”

Why not follow Dr. McCann’s protocol for when cash or credit is not an option for a client, and rather than losing the revenue altogether, lock in that business by tailoring a payment plan that meets the needs of both your business and your client?

Go ahead and continue experimenting with social media, alternate product lines and treatments, and other tactics that are sure to cost time and money. Just make sure that you also implement an easy-to-manage MedSpa business-catered payment plan solution like CareCap. This is a single, easy way to guarantee increased revenue for your spa, helping clients reach their goals well within their budget and means, by paying for services over time.

You could go so far as to call CareCap’s payment plan platform for medical spas that “silver bullet” solution you’ve been searching for.

Full case study reveals how offering payment plans, helped Derma Medical Spa increase business by 460%!