Help customers afford the services they want.

Don’t lose customers just because they cannot afford services they want now. Give them a way to pay. Varidi automates invoicing and payments to make it easy. Plus the Varidi Payment Guarantee ensures you will always be paid, even when your customers fall short.

  • Automated notification when payment is due
  • Reminders sent until payment is made
  • Instant alerts of payment status changes
  • Use from anywhere with internet

EZPay™ Plans

  • Capture additional revenue
  • Receive payments via direct deposit
  • Always get paid with the Varidi Payment Guarantee
  • Control the terms of the payment agreement
  • Provide your customers with 24-hour account access
  • Choose if and when to use the Varidi Collection Referral

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  • Automated paperless e-Invoices for faster payment
  • Funds are direct deposited into your bank account
  • Convenient online payment for your customer
  • Automated reminders reduce overdue payments
  • Save time with pre-populated invoices

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  • Credit and debit cards accepted anywhere with internet
  • Schedule one-time payments as you like
  • Funds are direct deposited into your bank account
  • No card swipers or hardware required
  • No software to install
  • Legal, security and privacy compliant

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Collection Referral

  • Varidi understands the value of customer relationships
  • Don’t spend your time on customers who don’t pay
  • We only get paid when you do
  • You benefit from our volume and lower rates
  • Direct access to our professional customer advocates

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