Varidi has options to get you paid.

Much of collections is simply reminding people to pay. With a Varidi EZPay™ Plan you get automated invoicing and repeated notifications. It might surprise you how well this works at getting the past due bills paid. Plus, you maintain customer relationships. And if it doesn’t work, a Collection Referral will get you paid.

Automated Collection

Automated notifications and reminders lead to faster payments and less bad debt. E-invoicing automates billing and continues with automatic reminders until payment is made.

Collect More

Put an end to bad debt. Flexible payment options combined with automated reminders, make it far more likely customers will honor their commitments.

Protect Relationships

EZPay™ Plans creates strong bonds that foster lasting, loyal customers. Our experience allows us to maintain your valuable customer relationships.

Lower Fees

Varidi fees are significantly lower than traditional collection agencies. If payments aren’t collected, you pay nothing.

Step 1: Offer a way for past-due customers to pay

When customers accept an EZPay™ plan as an alternative to collections they intend to pay. Our automated notifications and reminders make that more likely.

Step 2: Be demanding when needed

When you have delinquent accounts, our alliance of collection service providers will have the difficult conversations for you and reconcile the account.

Step 3: Get paid

Your customer’s payments are deposited directly into your bank account.

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