Easy payment means easy money.

Most customers want to pay; they just don’t have the time to keep track of all their paper bills, write the checks and go to the mailbox. Giving them an electronic option, can make all the difference. It gets more bills paid on time in the first place.

Templates Speed the Process

Preparing an invoice has never been faster.

Convenient Payment Process

Automated invoicing and reminders simplify accounting and ensure prompt payment.

Electronic Delivery and Direct Deposit

Invoices are sent via email and payments deposit directly to your bank account.

Simple Payment Options

Your customers can pay online with credit or debit cards. That means instant payment.

Step 1

Step 1: Provide great service

Automated invoicing and reminders simplify your accounting so you can focus on taking care of your customers.

Step 2: Send an E-Invoice

Use a template or create an invoice instantly then send it electronically. You’ll never stuff ¬†envelope or look for a postage stamp again.

Step 3: Get paid

Give your customers the option to pay online with credit cards or direct from their bank account via debit cards.

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