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Why do customers need another payment option?

Today’s customers have limited disposable income, making it difficult for them to obtain traditional credit. They want to give their loyalty to businesses that offer them an alternative way to pay for the services they want.

Is Varidi secure?

All information is encrypted and secure. Varidi is designed to protect both businesses and customers with Level 1 PCI data security standards. Each payment is confirmed by email and archived in a password-protected portal.

What kinds of businesses are using Varidi?

Varidi is offered by almost every type of business – including physicians, dentists, veterinarians, doctors, cosmetic providers, funeral homes and many more.

What happens if my customer defaults?

If you selected the Payment Guarantee feature when you set up the EZPay™ plan, you are in complete control. You can choose to accommodate your customer or invoke the guarantee and Varidi will make the payment for them.

What does it cost for my business to get setup with Varidi?
Why does my business need Varidi?

By offering customers a variety of payment options, your business gains a competitive edge. Varidi helps you create additional revenue, build customer loyalty, and reduce administrative overhead.

How does the Varidi platform work?

Varidi is accessible on any device with an Internet browser. It’s easy to create a payment plan, send an invoice, or take a one-time payment.

How is Varidi different from traditional third-party financing?

Third party financing has a difficult approval process, and typically charges very high fees and interest. Varidi is different – we approve everyone and let you offer flexible, affordable and risk-free payment plans directly to your customers.

How does Varidi ensure that my customer will pay?

By taking a down payment and vaulting multiple payment methods the possibility of customer default is reduced. Varidi’s automated communication and payment processing allows you to offer payment plans with confidence.

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