Varidi’s Realize will increase case acceptance and create additional revenue today. Sometimes, your customers need an alternative way to pay for the services they need and desire. With Realize, you can offer a pay-over-time option with a guaranteed payment stream, and it won’t cost you a penny extra.

YES! That’s now your answer when a customer asks: “Can I make payments?”

Why should I be excited about this?

Create Additional Revenue. Flexible payment options give your customers access to services they want now, but might otherwise forgo. Become a hero as you acquire new customers and capture more revenue.

100% Approval. All applicants are approved for a minimum Payment Guarantee of $1,500.

Payment Guarantee. When your customer cannot pay, Varidi will make the payment for them, and it won’t cost you a penny extra. That’s peace of mind and reduced risk.

How does Realize work?

Varidi allows you to offer your customers alternative payment options for the services they truly want now. Automated, ongoing communication throughout the customer journey grows client relationships—maximizing revenue for your business.

STEP 1: Present Your Proposal

You know what services your customer wants, but sometimes they need a little help to afford them.

STEP 2: Offer an Alternative Payment Option

A pay over time option may be what they need to say “Yes!”

STEP 3: Get Paid

Relax and let Varidi take care
of the rest, and your customers payments are deposited directly into your account.

Is my customer’s credit impacted?

Not at all! Varidi doesn’t rely on a traditional application process and there is no credit check or credit reporting (for timely payments), so your customers don’t need to worry about a plan affecting their credit

How Much Does Realize Cost?

Your customer pays a small set-up cost to Varidi before the payment plan begins. Once your business begins collecting payments, you will receive 100% of the payment amount, less a small (3%) merchant fee on each transaction. This is essentially the same fee you pay to process a credit
card transaction. And, the payment is deposited directly in your bank account.

Varidi by the Numbers…

  • 100% approval rate with a minimum guarantee of $1,500.
  • 100% of payments are paid to you, less a standard 3% merchant fee.
  • Your customer pays the small set-up cost, usually between 5% and 18% to establish an EZPay™ Plan with a Payment Guarantee.
  • At the end of your trial period, a monthly membership fee (starting
    at $29) will give you access to the Varidi Revenue Acceleration Platform.™

Varidi allows you to offer alternative payment options while reducing the
risk for businesses, like yours. Better still, if a client does not pay, Varidi will make the payment for them.

Realize Example

1. Present your service proposal.

4. Create an EZPay™ Plan with Payment Guarantee.

2. Mutually agree on the term and monthly payment amount.

5. Customer pays the set-up cost.

3. Log into Varidi and enter some simple information.

6. Varidi handles the rest and you get paid.


  1. Customer needs services that cost $1,000 and you agree to a term of 10 months.
  2. Customer pays Varidi the set-up costs. (The cost will vary, but for this
    example we will use 10% or $100.)
  3. Customer makes ten monthly no-interest payments of $100 per month.
  4. You receive $97 per month deposited directly in your bank account. ($100 payment less 3% merchant fee, the same fee you currently pay to process a credit card.
  5. You receive $970 for the $1,000 of service you provided.
  6. Your customer pays a $1,100 for the option to pay-over-time.

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