Varidi’s ReConnect solution will increase revenue by capturing lost business opportunities. Let Varidi assist in returning those customers who want your services but have deferred because they need an alternative way to pay.

Why should I be excited about this?

ReConnect with Customer. At least 40% of proposed services go unscheduled. How do you bring these customers back when financial concerns are the reason they hesitate? Capture that revenue using Varidi’s ReConnect solution.

Save Time & Money. How much staff time is devoted to pursuing sales opportunities? Focus on what you do best–your specialty–and let Varidi bring your customers
back for the service they need and desire.

Enhance Sales & Marketing. Our uniquely tailored marketing solutions are designed to get customers to say “YES” with alternative payment options. Watch your business grow.

How does ReConnect work?

Varidi will offer alternative payment options to your customers with unscheduled services they truly want now. Automated, ongoing communication throughout the customer journey grows customer
relationships—maximizing revenue for your business.

STEP 1: Identify Customers with Unscheduled Work

You know who those customers are—the ones who want or need your services but walk away because they don’t have the resources to pay the entire amount.

STEP 2: Varidi Leverages Marketing + Sales Tools

Varidi is here to optimize your marketing and sales. Intelligent and automated email/calling campaigns ensures we’re maximizing your results and getting the most out of every opportunity.

STEP 3: Get Paid

Relax and let Varidi take care of the rest, and your customers payments are deposited directly into your bank account.

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