Varidi’s Resolve solution will reduce bad debt, recover your hard-earned revenue, and simplify the payment process. Most people want to pay their bills and Varidi helps them do it. If the payment solutions you offer aren’t working, then try Resolve and get paid!

Why should I be excited about this?

Be More Effective. Stop sending out statements and hoping for payment. Deploy a solution that makes it far more likely customers will honor their commitments by offering flexible payment options with automated reminders.

Protect Relationships. Build loyalty by providing your customers with payment options, instead of sending them to collections and losing them forever. Our customer-centric approach ensures that your valuable customer relationships are nurtured.

Collect More. A traditional collection agency will retain almost half of what they collect. With a Varidi EZPay plan, you will receive 100% of the payment amount less a small (3%) merchant fee on each transaction, essentially the same fee you currently pay to process a credit card transaction.

How does Resolve work?

Varidi will offer alternative payment options to your customers to resolve their outstanding balance. Our approach seeks the best solution before considering the final step of referring to our alliance of collection service providers.

STEP 1: Offer Ways for Past-Due Customers to Pay

Customers accept an EZPay™ plan as an alternative to collections. Our automated notifications increase the likelihood of payment and helps maintain customer satisfaction, while collecting your revenue.

STEP 2: Get Paid

Relax and let Varidi take care of the rest, and your customers payments are deposited directly into your bank account.

STEP 3: Refer to Collects as a Last Resort

When you have delinquent accounts, our alliance of collection service providers will have the difficult conversations for you and reconcile the account.

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