Patient Choices Should Not Depend On Cost

Help patients with custom payment plans

Varidi gives your patient a budget-friendly way to pay while differentiating you and your practice. No applications, third-party credit or rigid terms means fewer patients will forego treatment for budget reasons.

Dramatically reduce the risk of late payment

When a patient can’t pay, Varidi will make the payment for them. And this won’t cost you a penny. You do the work, you deserve to get paid for it.

Your practice gains a competitive advantage

Varidi creates additional revenue from patients who otherwise might defer services. In addition, Varidi builds patient loyalty and lowers administrative costs. You will have more time to focus on your customers.

Treat The Whole Patient And Gain Revenue

Varidi is a flexible, web-based payment platform. Unlike traditional third-party financing, you work with customers to create customized payment plans that suit your terms and their budgets.

Custom Payment Plans
  • No credit applications and no stress
  • Customize plan and terms to each patient
  • Our “Payment Guarantee” reduces bad debt
Simplified Processing
  • Online payment simplifies bill paying
  • No hardware, software or card swiper
  • Automated billing and direct deposit
Increased Revenue Capture
  • Faster payment improves cash flow
  • See more elective procedures done
  • Higher return when collection is needed

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