What motivates Varidi?

Life Made Affordable™ is our moniker and our mission. We understand the plight of the consumer today. Expenses can come unexpected and add up quickly. We thought there should be a way to better handle large costs with payment plans that better serve both businesses and consumers. So we developed Varidi.

Varidi is a cloud-based payment platform that empowers any business to offer flexible direct-to-consumer financing. With Varidi, businesses are now able to customize payment options that make their services more accessible and affordable for consumers who are willing to pay for services when offered a more flexible way to manage their budgets.

Our Core Values

Get It Done

Needed services can happen in a flash, we like to move just as fast. The success of the people and businesses we work with are critical to us. We believe in urgency around achieving that success.

Trust and Respect

The businesses, the people, the partners we work with are all an extension of the Varidi family. With the number of people Varidi touches, it is important that we earn your trust and respect.

Be Passionate

The passion to help people get access to the services they need, and merchants succeed in the ever-changing business environment are what fuels us everyday.

Customer Focused

“The customer is always right” isn’t always right.  We are committed to doing our best to recommend the right solution to both merchants and consumers so that everyone wins.

Be Creative

People, merchants and the services that connect them are all unique.  When it comes to people’s lives and businesses, we take pride in always applying a creative approach to helping everyone to the best of our ability.