How do I qualify for Varidi?

Varidi does not rely on a traditional application process and there is no credit check or credit reporting. You just negotiate a payment plan with the business.

Can I add additional services to my Varidi account?

If you want to add or change services to an existing payment plan, you can work together with the business provider to revise it. Would a bank do that? Together, create the payment plan that works for you.

Does Varidi impact my credit?

Because your payment relationship is between you and the business, Varidi does not check your credit or report your timely EZPay™ Plan to credit bureaus.

Can I use my Varidi account for more than one provider?

Yes. Your Varidi account will help you manage your payments with any of the providers in the Varidi network. If your provider doesn’t offer Varidi, complete our Refer a Business form and we’ll contact them for you.

What are the Varidi system requirements?

System requirements can be downloaded here: System Requirements

What charges apply?

Varidi collects a set up fee before your payment plan will start. This fee varies and will typically range between two percent (2%) and eighteen percent (18%) of the contract amount depending your profile and the number of monthly payments. You can always pay-off the plan early with no penalty.

What if my provider doesn't offer Varidi?

If your provider doesn’t already offer Varidi, and you want to pay-over-time, complete our Refer a Business form. We’ll let them know you would like a payment plan, explain Varidi, and get them set up with a business account.

How do I manage my Varidi payment plan?

You simply log in to your online account to view your payment history, make additional payments, update information and access many other features.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my Varidi account?

For any questions related to payment terms and adjustments to payments, please contact the business directly to work out details. Very simple.