Together, we are helping to connect pets with care…

Varidi and The Pet Fund jointly believe that no pet should be without an option for care. Our goal is to provide financial solutions to make this possible. Unlike traditional third-party financing, we’ve built a flexible, web-based payment platform that easily connects pet owners with customized payment solutions:

Custom Payment Solutions
  • No credit applications and no stress.
  • We’ll send you an email reminder before monthly, automated payments are processed.
  • Pay your veterinarian over time, so you can get the care you need today.
Simplified Processing
  • Give pet owners a budget-friendly way to pay while differentiating you and your practice.
  • No hardware, software to download or card swiper required.
  • Automated billing and direct deposit.
Increased Acceptance
  • Help more pet owners. Help more pets. We’re here to help you make that happen.
  • Setting up a payment plan only takes minutes.
  • No lengthy paperwork, no constant outbound calls, and no account maintenance.

I hope Varidi has the satisfaction of knowing they genuinely helped me by making it possible to get the services I needed. I’m a big fan of Varidi!

– Janet

I prefer to keep things simple, and Varidi allows for that. Patients appreciate simplicity as well. We like that their site is user-friendly and their company as a whole is flexible and easy to work with. I have not experienced this with other payment options available.

– Melyna

I am at the starting stage of my business and Varidi has been beyond what I expected. I think I spent less than 5 minutes with my training, and I was a Varidi pro in no time.

– Oscar

Varidi provides our consumers who are seeking longer lasting aesthetic solutions – which typically require more capital investment – the ability to enjoy the results they are seeking now, all while working within their budget constraints.

– Janet

Compared to the payment management software I was using before, Varidi handles deposits better and gives more control to the consumer. I’ve been very impressed with Varidi’s responsive support, and their quick attention to any issues that arise.

– Julie

Varidi is an amazing payment option with excellent customer service. A joy to use.

– Angel

I truly believe that Varidi is the missing piece our office has needed. It makes it so easy to get our patients to agree to get the treatment they need.

– Angel

Varidi is a great alternative to offer consumers to help sell your services. Consumers often want to have work done, but the expense holds them back. When you offer financing with low interest, it’s an easy sell.

– Elizabeth

I had a patient that has needed treatment for some years & was trying to save up to have the treatment done. With Varidi we have now started on her treatment.

– Lynette

Varidi is the easiest, most straight forward program I have used in my 35 year career in veterinary medicine.

– Nyla

Now I can tell my patients we have a great payment option. It’s sort of like the sky is the limit.

– Dr. Bessie

Varidi works well for everyone involved: fast, convenient, flexible, and secure.

– Darren

For us, it’s great. We can keep it all coach and athlete – we don’t have to worry about finances. And for our athletes, it’s so easy.

– Yon

I have no idea how we would have paid for my husband’s dental work without Varidi, and everything about the service has been great!

– Shyla (Patient)

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