In need of financial assistance for your pet

 Have your vet sign up with Varidi…

Step 1:  Call your vet.

Ask them if they offer payment plans.

Step 2: Introduce Varidi.

Help your vet, help your pet. Signing up for Varidi works for everyone… why not help them get started?


Step 3: Varidi helps EVERYONE!

Our flexible, low-cost payment plans provide you a way to make life more affordable. We’re here to help your pet and help veterinarians treat more animals. And here’s how Varidi will help you:

●  You’re approved. Guaranteed. 

●  No credit check. No monthly interest.

●  We automate everything: payments, reminders, notifications…

The best way to help your pet is to contact the veterinarian’s office directly, and introduce them to Varidi. Complete the form below, and we’ll follow up with your vet to ensure that they are going to give you the attention that your pet needs… don’t worry, Varidi’s got your back:

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