Help Everyone Pay for the Services They Really Need

With our Varidi Payment Guarantee


Access to Care Now • 100% Approvals • Zero Rejections

Welcome to the future with access to care for EVERYONE with,

The Varidi Payment Platform

Our Payment Platform provides an easy way for your consumers to say yes to your services. With our Guaranteed Payment plans, you now have a risk free option that allows you to free up your staff’s time with our POWERED By VARIDI plans that we will manage for you. This leaves you doing what you do best!

Eliminate lost dollars from declines

Reduce your payment busywork

Never worry about non-payment

We Make Payment
Plans Simple

Maximum Profit

When someone can’t afford the full price of your services today, you lose revenue. Offering Varidi payment-over-time, in one easy solution, allows you to help serve more people.

Simple Process

Varidi lets you offer real-time approval with flexible rates, and a low set-up cost for your consumers. We understand time is money and we want you to save as much as possible!

Guaranteed Payment

If someone doesn’t qualify for your financing, Varidi Payment Guarantee ensures you are paid on time no matter what. Never risk not being paid with Varidi's Guarantee payment plans!