Making More Treatments Possible

Our mission is to provide an avenue for access to care now!

Varidi was created to help people who couldn’t qualify for traditional financing. With our Guarantee Payment Plans, Varidi now provides everyone with payment options that suit their individual budgets. Moreover, payment flexibility helps businesses realize more revenue as they recapture otherwise lost customers. Unlike typical third-party financing, Varidi offers plans customized to suit every customer’s budget and credit worthiness. Schedule a Demo today to learn more!

Our Core Values


Some customers need alternative ways to pay. When some customers can’t afford pay-in-full, we offer them our payments over time. So, when a customer asks, “Can I make payments?”
Always say “Yes!” 


Keep your customers informed. With the Varidi Pay Platform your customer is always approved with us. No awkward conversations needed.  Now you can say “yes” to services with confidence!
Give customers options.


The Varidi Pay Platform simplifies accounting and drastically reduces bad debt. Better still, it gives your customers more payment options which also means more repeat business.
Earn customer loyalty.


Loyalty is earned. By offering an alternative to financing, you keep customer relationships active, get more services scheduled and earn repeat business. Good service builds lifetime customer value.
Show you care.