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Offer your patients affordable payment options they can’t get anywhere else

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Say “YES!” with Varidi!

The Varidi Pay Platform empowers businesses of every type to create solutions that fit each customer’s needs. Payment flexibility and payment simplicity will help you realize more revenue as you recapture otherwise lost customers.

“Varidi provides payment plan options to pet parents who need help affording care. Our staff knows we can count on Varidi to approve everyone for a plan, regardless of their credit history. We are able to help the parent, and the pet and we don’t have to give away free services or hurt our bottom line. WIN WIN WIN!”
—Humane Society of Greater Dayton

“We added Varidi’s guaranteed payment plans to patient financing in November 2020; making it easier for more patients to opt-in for aligner treatments. Varidi makes it easy by eliminating the hassle and risk of carrying payment plans in-house. Although we would always prefer to get paid today; the ability to help patients afford treatment is a much better investment over time. In the past year, we are on pace to grow Aligner production by over $55k by using Varidi.”
—Fiorenza Dental Group

“Varidi has been a lifesaver for our dental group. It’s easy to use and they are a great company to work with. Combining financing with Varidi’s guarantee is a huge win for our practice and our patients. We’ve worked with Varidi for over a year now and have helped hundreds of patients who couldn’t afford the entire cost of treatment all at once.”
— Merion Village Dental

“Financing is essential our business. We never want to tell patients, “Sorry we can’t help you get the treatment you want.” Before Varidi, we turned down hundreds of dollars in opportunity because some patients can’t qualify for financing. Since we launched Varidi over 2.5 years ago we’ve significantly increased production. Now we have an options for everyone.”
— The Sanctuary Spa

“We helped 7 patients get treatment packages in the first month using Varidi. Adding Varidi was a solid decision to help people who are denied financing. People need more options. When you offer Varidi you offer a solution that fits more peoples budgets. It makes sense.”
—Carson Care, MD

“Varidi has changed our office completely! We now can offer package deals for our services unlike before. Our patients are thrilled to have a non-credit based option to make payments on their year around services and beable to add on treaments they were not able to afford before. Thank you VARIDI!”-Crater Chiropractic Clinic

We Make Payment
Plans Simple

Maximum Profit

When someone can’t afford the full price of your services today, you lose revenue. Offering Varidi payment-over-time, in one easy solution, allows you to help serve more people.

Simple Process

Varidi lets you offer real-time approval with flexible rates, and a low set-up cost for your consumers. We understand time is money and we want you to save as much as possible!

Guaranteed Payment

If someone doesn’t qualify for your financing, Varidi Payment Guarantee ensures you are paid on time no matter what. Never risk not being paid with Varidi's Guarantee payment plans!