The Freedom of Greater Access to Care, Services, & Goods

For over 200 years US citizens have had the privilege of making informed decisions and then having the freedom to act on those decisions as best suited them. We are unique when compared to many countries in that cultural, ethnic, social, caste, religious, and many other powerful conventions seldom restrict the array of choices available to us.

I have been struck the last few nights as I watched the evening news coverage on the swelling tide of refugees entering the US illegally from Mexico and South America. These refugees all have one common goal, the desire for the opportunity for a better life—to be free from violence, random murders, kidnapping and warring political and social factions. These refugees risked everything to come to the US with nothing more than a faint hope that they might get an opportunity for a better life.

At CareCap we make it possible for more Americans to have greater access to better healthcare, along with improved access to other goods and services they need and want.

Whether Lasik eye surgery, fertility treatments, bariatric surgery, a new crown, the repair of a roof, or special care for a family pet— here in this country we don’t suffer from a lack of choices and available remedies— rather, many people find themselves at the crossroads of wanting and needing things and not being able to pay for them, in full, at the time of service. We believe that responsible consumers, patients and pet owners should have immediate access to care and the services they want and need, along with the ability to repay the cost over a period of time.

On this Fourth of July we’re proud to be helping improve access to care for people and pets while making it significantly more affordable. Exercise your independence and choose to do something to improve your life this holiday. A choice to be healthy and happy is a basic freedom you shouldn’t let go to waste. Many people around the world would make enormous personal sacrifices for the freedoms we take for granted.