I am an office manager at a family and cosmetic dental practice in Washington State. Until the fall of this past year, I was spending a significant amount of time each week managing accounts receivable—preparing, sending and coordinating bills with patients. Part of this process included the dreaded task of contacting patients whose accounts were past due. The hardest part of all was calling patients who were unable to pay their bill. Being the “collections agent” was a stressful chore that left me feeling like the “bad guy” and left our patients feeling helpless. As more patients were unable to pay off what they owed, our ability to manage all of the overdue accounts became arduous. More phone calls. More letters. More manually customized pay-over-time plans for each family. Tracking payment terms and providing accurate billing statements was difficult. This continual process was time-consuming and became increasingly hard to alleviate as the accounts continued to stack up. shutterstock_104419346In November, our dentist decided that our practice would use CareCap’s automated solution for collections to help meet our needs, and our job have been easier ever since. CareCap is here for us 24/7 to assist with the unpleasant collections aspect of the job. They help us prioritize aged accounts, contact, and offer custom payment plans to patients. They work with us to establish parameters for payment amounts and timeframes. Patients, who have past-due accounts, are now automatically sent a letter offering an opportunity to pay their accounts over an extended term that meets their budget rather than one lump-sum payment. All the patient has to do is sign a contract, provide a credit card or checking account, and pick a date each month for funds to be withdrawn. CareCap handles the rest.

Managing accounts receivable is tedious, time-consuming and often frustrating. I would much rather spend my time at work securing pre-authorizations from insurance carriers, calling patients, scheduling new appointments, and tackling all of the other tasks that end up on my desk. CareCap frees me from the role of the collections agent. The result is a more enjoyable workday for me, alleviated stress level for our patients with past-due accounts, and a remarkably higher patient acceptance rate for the practice, as many simply need an easy, affordable way to meet their commitment.