My name is Avon and I’m a 10-week-old English bulldog puppy. Today has been a very big day for me and for my owner: I had my first trip to the vet and he got to pay his first vet bill. Thanks to a referral from my breeder, my owner chose a vet across town that specializes in English bulldogs. I was a little scared at first because I wasn’t sure what to expect. But when I arrived, the vet staff and other pet owners in the waiting room seemed very excited to see me. Everything started out on a good note.

It did get a little scary when they took me back to the exam room. But my owner came with me so I didn’t cry. The veterinary assistant took my temperature (nobody warned me about that part, yikes!), weighed me, checked my coat, asked my owner about my diet, examined my ears, used a funny instrument to check my heartbeat, looked at my belly, my eyes, my paws, and inside my mouth. Then she poked me with something sharp that had medicine in it that she said would help keep me healthy. Overall, it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

But then it was time to pay and suddenly, my owner seemed even more scared than I had been coming in. The lady at the front desk talked with him for a while about something called “wellness plans”. She told him about all the things I would need in my first year to keep me healthy. She used a lot of words I didn’t understand, like “vaccination”, “deworming”, “microchip”, and “neuter”. My owner agreed with the woman that they were all very important, but he still seemed hesitant because he hadn’t budgeted for so many treatments. He was somewhat relieved when she told him he could bundle them all together and save 10%. But then… she told him the total price of the bundle was over $700. He looked even more shocked than I was when they took my temperature! I could tell he didn’t want to refuse any of these important parts of my care, but he knew he couldn’t afford an unexpected $700 bill. He told the lady he would need to think about it and we got ready to leave.

That’s when she suggested, “You know, we do offer in-house payment plans through a company called CareCap. This would make your puppy’s wellness plan a lot more affordable.” She showed him how his bill would break down over a period of 3, 6, or 9 months, explaining that his management fee would be only 1% of his monthly carried balance. He decided on a 6-month plan that would put him closer to $100 a month and willingly handed over his credit card. She set us up with a CareCap plan in a matter of minutes and we were on our way.

Going into this experience, I was the scared one. Not knowing what to expect is a very frightening thing. Now that I know what a vet visit is like, it’s not so scary at all. It was in fact my owner that almost had a heart attack when that bill was slid across the counter. That is, until CareCap was offered. Now we can both go back to the vet not only knowing what care to expect, but with the confidence that CareCap can make that care affordable.