WOODINVILLE, Wash. – The company newly named Varidi is a cloud-based platform that empowers businesses to offer flexible payment solutions. With Varidi (formerly known as CareCap), businesses can customize payment options for individual customers without the need for third-party financing.

Some real exciting changes are coming very soon. The new Payment Guarantee will ensure the merchant gets paid even when the customer can’t make their payment. It won’t cost the merchant a penny and 100% of all consumers will be approved. Merchants will gain peace of mind and eliminate risk.

And, the new Collection Referral makes Varidi’s alliance of collection service providers available to merchants to have the difficult conversations with delinquent accounts. Merchants deserve to get paid for their services.

To support the name change, Varidi has made some innovative changes. The new pricing structure makes the platform more affordable for businesses and their customers and merchant payments are delivered significantly faster with Varidi’s new transaction partner.

Varidi will soon be transitioning to a subscription model that makes their premium features, like Payment Guarantee, available to businesses that pay a very low monthly subscription fee of $49.95 per month.  The Varidi standard features will be available with a standard subscription fee of $19.95 per month. Varidi is currently waiving the merchant enrollment fee and subscription fee for a limited time.

The Varidi platform represents a genuine breakthrough in payment services for consumers. It makes costly services, such as medical and dental procedures, more accessible to customers who need a way to pay over time. Varidi fills an important gap in the payment industry as this platform will help consumers on fixed budgets, and without resources, find a way to ‘pay-later’ for the services they need today.

While there are many credit sources available, consumers with no credit cards or access to traditional methods of financing have long needed a way to ‘pay-later’ when they have unexpected costs. According to the Federal Reserve, 47% of Americans would have to borrow money to pay for an unexpected expense of just $400. And that need grows further with younger adults. According to Bankrate, although ‘millennials’ have with an average FICO score of 628, over 63% don’t have credit cards and has very limited access to emergency funds.

Varidi allows businesses, including doctors, dentists, veterinarians, cosmetic surgeons, funeral homes and other specialties to offer flexible in-house payment plans to their customers. Using this robust platform, businesses are now able to automate billing and collections while, at the same time, reducing their administrative overhead and costs. But most important, businesses can negotiate with individual customers to create a payment plan with custom terms that suit their budget allowing consumers to accept the services they need.